Beck’s Getting Bigger! – Hatch Baby Smart Scale Review

Beck is growing so quickly – Here is my Hatch Baby Scale Review:

Here’s Beck’s weight today on our Hatch Baby diaper changing scale!  It’s so incredible that only 3.5 months ago, this little guy was 3 lbs  4 oz.

With the help of the NICU doctors, nurses, and fortifier – Our little guy is getting so healthy and strong!

Have you heard of Hatch Baby?

They have an INCREDIBLE smart pad diaper changing station that doubles as a scale that syncs to their free app on your smart phone. Along with weight, you can also track diapers (dirty & wet), feedings (nursing, bottle, or pumping), and sleep.

These features are so valuable for all parents especially those who come home with a NICU baby! You can do weight checks at home before and after each feeding so you can make sure they are getting enough when nursing – thanks Hatch Baby for the piece of mind!I had been searching for a good app to track all of those things and could not find one. It’s incredible! You can enter results strait on the changing pad and it sends to your phone. It is really nice because you can have multiple devices logged into your Hatch Baby account so if your husband, parent, or babysitter, is caring for your little one, they can see when they last had a dirty diaper, slept, ate, etc.

The pad is also machine washable ?


The piece of mind that this Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad and Wifi Scale gives you is worth every penny – It is available here.

It would make an amazing gift for your friend or loved ones baby shower!



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