Disney Day Dreams Coming True

There is NOTHING more incredible than the Magic of a Disney Day

Watching that pure joy of Disney Day Dreams coming true in your child’s eyes is simply priceless!

This year has been the craziest. So many difficult trials but also many blessings and dreams coming true… If you follow me on Instagram, you might know some of what I am talking about. To briefly summarize: Beck being born early, fighting like a champ in the NICU, his reoccurring sickness, so much time apart from Jaycob, then he gets called up to the BIG LEAGUES!

Jaycob’s lifelong dreams are coming true and frankly, so are mine: I am able to see Jaycob fulfill his goals and all that he’s worked so hard for & MY Disney Dreams came true – I was able to get a Disneyland Annual Pass!
Hahaha that might sound like a silly thing but I am elated!

We were able to go twice this summer during All-Star Break (with just our little family one day & an adults take Disney night), and when the Athletics played the Angels (with my parents, 2 of my sisters, & our kids)!

Don’t miss some fun pictures, Disneyland survival tips, & great discount coupons and promo codes below!

We had the BEST time! Here are some details and special details that made our Disney trips even more special:

Day 1 – Adults Take Disneyland!

3 Hill Girls + All-Star Break + Babysitters + Matching Shirts & Ears =
Adults Take Disneyland!
We did it. Let the kids have a movie night with some babysitters while the adults snuck away for a night at Disneyland. Best decision really.

The Wonderful Shop and Co. made some incredible shirts and handmade mouse ears for us! I love how unique her style is and how the pocket T’s are a subtle & comfortable way to wear “character-wear.”

You can chose any print from her shop (she has tons of options from sports, to disney, & more) and she can make custom pocket shirts for all ages, dresses, mouse ears (even little baby ears), and bows!

DAY 2 – Kids Day – Last One’s Standing

Wow. This day turned out to be much different than originally planned.
We were all loaded in the cars with our kids and just leaving my sisters neighborhood when one of my sisters little 1 year olds started projectile vomiting…. We had to pull over and jump to take her out of her carseat it was so forceful.
So poor Nina & Emie had to go to the doctor then stay home. We cleaned up and decided to bring Nina’s other little girl Maggie with us. We didn’t want her missing out on the fun cousin time. The 3 little girls had been talking about their excitement non-stop & we had promised them a surprise present at the park (their princess dresses).

Within the first hour of getting to the park, Kara’s little girl Lettie became sick. Kara then headed home with her 2 kids & Maggie.

It left just us – Jaycob, Millie, Beck, and me.

We were sad that we didn’t get to have fun with the cousins but we did end up having a really great time together.


DAY 3 – Hill Fam Day

A few weeks later, we were able to go to Disneyland again with family the day before the A’s played the Angels.

We had a great time with my parents, my sisters Kara and Nina, & their kids. We were greatly outnumbered by little kids – 6 of them… all 3 and under. But we survived and made so many fun memories!

My dad lived his disney dream as a teenager while working at Disneyland (cute post about that here).  He knows the ins and outs of It’s a Small World & still loves the song! His infatuation & obsession with all things Disney has carried on through my sisters and now to our kids.

This was Beck’s favorite part of the family Disney Day! My heart is melting with these pictures:


We surprised the little girls with some princess dresses and necklaces and the stoke level soared to another level!

The quality and style of these Princess Dresses from Lover Dovers are impeccable. You can even wash them – hallelujah!

The girls fun necklaces are from Apple Beary Bowtique. They made them feel like royalty! haha As you see millie doing a nice wave in this picture:

Essentials for a Smooth Disney Day

Strollers & Wraps.. I repeat… Really Great Strollers & Wraps!

My our all-time favorites are Sollybaby Wrap (great for the earlier newborn to infant stages) & Ergobaby 360 Carriers (when they’re a little bigger and especially when they want to face out).

Our favorite stroller is hands down the Uppababy Vista! For a lighter option for traveling, we have been using the Uppababy Umbrella Strollers. They recline flat & are so smooth! They have a G-Luxe single & G-Link double option. Millie thought it was soo special that she could sit next to Beck!

Also – I am ALL about convenience. I’ve heard so many people say they don’t want to bring carriers or strollers because then it’s “just extra stuff to haul…” and to them I must say, Um Nope. It makes it so you aren’t doing the hauling of all the kids, food, and everything else you accumulate on a successful Disney day. There should be NO reason you should have to wear your arms out in lines holding your baby.

As I mentioned earlier, we surprised the little girls with some princess dresses & character necklaces. It was such a good idea!

We came to the park our  pocket shirts  & mouse ears from The Wonderful Shop & Co.  A great subtle & comfortable way to wear “character-wear.”

Use Coupon Code: LIFEISWONDERFUL for 30% off at The Wonderful Shop & Co.

We didn’t want them in their dresses the whole day because they’re sooo young and it was pretty hot so we used it as a goal for more than half of the day. (ie. “Let’s act like a princess and maybe we can earn a dress by being good and listening.” ” Stay by us and don’t run off so you can earn your special surprise necklaces later.”)
Sound ssssuper cheesy but kids are kids then add hot and tired, you’ll do whatever it takes. It totally worked.

Princess Dresses from Lover Dovers. Character necklaces are from Apple Beary Bowtique.

Here are some pictures of some of the girls when they got to wear their dresses for the first time:



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