Google Home Mini

I’ve been obsessing over our new gift from Google – especially the Google Home Mini!

It’s smaller than a doughnut but makes me feel like we are living in the movie “smart house”.

world series, halloween, home


There are so many fun apps that work with it & being able to control our Hue Lights simply by telling the Google Home Mini what I want with them is so convenient.
Our house is now set for halloween. All I have to do is ask, “Hey Google, Let’s get spooky!” See what happens in my instagram stories (@alibrug).

Also, you know you’re a baseball wife when the first thing you cast on the TV with the Chromecast is the World Series.My husband isn’t even home and I am watching. I never would have guessed I would ever be watching a baseball game by myself when I “grew up.”This game is craaaazy!


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