Millie’s 4th Birthday Neverland Party – Pixie’s, Pan’s, & Pirates

For Millie’s 4th birthday this year, she chose a Neverland Party theme.

And yes… I am just now FINALLY posting about this Neverland Party that was all the way back in September. To say that life has been crazy & busy would be an understatement.

Photographs from the Neverland Party were taken from the lovely Hunter K. Fowler. She’s such a gem and it was so nice having her at the party. Definitely helped take the stress of capturing it all off of me (who was running around like a crazy person). I am so grateful to her that we have these beautiful pictures to remember all the fun forever!

What started as a Tinkerbell Fairy Party turned into a full-blown Neverland Party Extravaganza! I definitely was over ambitious with this one and had SO many ideas that I didn’t have time to execute.



Activity: Confetti “Pixie Dust” Drop.
Music: “You Can Fly” from Disney’s Peter Pan.

You can’t get to Neverland without flying, of course! We popped some confetti-filled balloons (from Black Dog Inc.) over the kiddos – sprinkling pixie dust!

If I were to do it again, I would use the balloon sticks (from Black Dog Inc.), or string them like a banner and have them hung so that we could pop more quickly.

I absolutely love the Star (Zurchers) & “Off To Neverland” (Black Dog Inc.) banner garlands that I hung on the Ivy.


Hunting Fairy Treasure

Once the kiddos were dressed up in their fairy & pirate costumes, we started a great big hunt for Fairy & Hidden Treasure.

I seriously cannot believe how incredible and adorable this customized treasure map of my parent’s backyard that Joyce from Sugar Blue Gifts made for this party!

The kids had little bags to take with them to each Neverland station – As they found tiny treasures along the way.

They got these Customized Party Bags from Hello Charly’s. She let me pick the character’s for the bags & put little Peter Pan quotes on them.


Activity: Musical Lily Pads to Music from Disney’s Peter Pan.

I used a Gathre Mat for the water & added lily pads for them to play “musical chairs” on (or musical lily pads). Then I used a fabric streamer background that my sister Nicole made for our wedding.


Activity: Crocodile Ring Toss

Music: “Never Smile at a Crocodile”

I bought an inflatable crocodile & used swimming dive rings to have additional rings for each kid to hold and so they could play with them while lined up.

Activity: Plank Walk

Music: “Never Smile at a Crocodile” & “Following the Leader”

I put a wood plank on a roll of water looking paper (the kind that teachers use for their classroom walls – on clearance in October btw) and had the kids take turns balancing and walking the plank just like Wendy.

Activity: Smee’s Tattoo Parlor

Music: “A Pirates Life”

I found some beautiful watercolor, white ink, Tinkerbell, and flash temporary tattoos. So the kids visited Smee’s Tattoo Parlor.


Activity: Freeze Dance around the Fire

Music: “What Made Red Man Red” from Peter Pan Movie”

Our new indoor/outdoor family time Tee-Pee from Golightly Studio couldn’t have been more perfect for our Indian camp! The kids had a good time freeze dancing around the ‘fire’…ok and I did too.

Definitely make sure you check out these Tee-Pees – they’re very durable, can be used inside or out, & even large enough for adults!


Activity: Making Fairy Houses

Music: Tinkerbell Movies Playlist

First things first, HALLELUJAH for Gathre mats!!!!!! Seriously… this activity had:
15 (or more) kids + 3 toddlers walking around + Loads of paint = a recipe for a mess of epic proportions…
But it wasn’t! All I had to do to clean up is hose off the Gathre mat and let it air dry!

I got some little wood pieces for them to paint little houses then I had miniature trees, ladybugs, tiny grass, & more to go in little glass globe terrariums. I got some Tinkerbell cupcake toppers from Kiss Hug Design,  but when Millie saw them, she insisted we use them for the fairy houses. She is getting so creative – it’s so fun to see!

I did bring in a lot of great fairy house pieces but then I thought about the short time & young ages so I’ll probably use those for another time.



Activity: Follow the Leader & Pinata

Music:  “Following the Leader” from Disney’s Peter Pan Original Soundtrack

My parent’s playground was perfect for the Lost Boys Hideout. The kids even went back and played again after birthday cake & presents.

The kids also had a great time hitting the Tinkerbell Pinata!
Bobbi Girl Boutique made the cutest pinata where Tinkerbell’s dress is the part holding the candy!


At the end of all the stations, the map lead them to the buried treasure with an X marking the spot. There was a treasure chest full of jewels, gems, gold coins & more! The kids were ecstatic! They used their personalized bags from Hello Charly’s to hold their treasure.


I made these Neverland Party invitations using illustrator & my Cricut Explore. I used the “print then cut” for the center brown textured paper &  the cut setting for the leafy green cut out folder.


We had to move the date up unexpectedly because we were able to have more family & Jaycob in town so some of my plans and products didn’t arrive in time.

Millie was going to wear this incredible custom handmade Tinkerbell dress from Spain by Claudia of COSE COSÌ.
Millie’s handmade detailed Tinkerbell wings in these pictures I took on Halloween (just below), were made by Wicked Fairy Wings.
The pretty face glitter is from Karizma London Beauty and made her feel so special!
She was absolutely thrilled about every piece of this costume and the Tinkerbell shoes (that glow-in-the-dark) were the cherry on top!

Because of all the shipping delays with the terrible storms and hurricanes, they arrived just a few days after the party. But it’s ok – Millie wears it almost every day & wore it for Halloween.
Both shops quality is impeccable. I just love the creativity COSE COSÌ used to create the skirt out of leaf-shaped pieces. Wicked Wings detail is perfect and stunning!

The Pirate’s got eye patches & swords.
The Pixie’s received fairy wings, wands, & Happily Felt made the girls some adorable felt flower headbands that made them feel so special! Millie wants to wear hers every day now.

I used our Hatchling Co.  wooden baby gym to hang the wings on at the entrance to the party and it worked great!

CAKE, Cookies, & Goodies

I cannot even begin to explain how effortless it was to work with  A Piece of Cake (Utah) – working with her definitely lived up to her company’s name!

Kathy’s work & detail is impeccable!  I absolutely love the creative designs she came up with to incorporate all the different party aspects.

Millie was so thrilled when she saw her Neverland Cake & still keeps asking if we can have another one.

A Piece of Cake (Utah) also made the adorable customized cookies & even brought gluten-free edible Fairy Star Wands just in case some kids couldn’t eat the cookies & cake. Kathy is so incredibly thoughtful!

Kiss Hug Design made some adorable personalized confetti with Millie’s name – it was such a sweet detail.

The glass jar lids and adorable straws are from More Sprinkled Joy. I was able to pick my own pack of straws that went perfectly with the theme – fairy, woodland,  pirate mustaches, etc. I absolutely love these! I can use them for any gathering & it makes it simply more special.

I rented the wood tree rounds from Rustic Wood Slices. They added a nice woodland feel.

Food & Treats-

  • Hook’s ‘Pirates Booty’
  • ‘Peg Leg’ Pretzels
  • ‘Skull Rock’ Candy
  • Sea Salt Chips
  • ‘Pixie Stix’
  • Twigs & Berries
  • Smee’s Cannon Balls (round cheese puffs)
  • Pirate’s Gold (cheese cubes)

A lot of the party supplies, including the balloons, plates, cups, etc. were from Zurchers Party Store – I just LOVE going in there. There is a huge selection for any event & they make throwing a party much easier! You can also order supplies from Zurchers online! 


Some of the party supplies that I made or bought I am going to sell – like the Neverland signs, large tissue paper flowers, etc.
Please let me know if you’re interested – the Neverland Party theme was pretty magical!



This post contains affiliate links. Some product was provided by companies for this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own and 100% truthful.


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