Millie’s Raising Butterflies and Lady Bugs

Millie is now Raising Butterflies and Lady Bugs!

I am basically reliving my childhood through Millie. When she and her cousins freak out about bugs, my little tom-boy heart is shocked. So I’ve partnered with Insect Lore to help teach Millie the life-cycles through raising Butterflies and Lady Bugs – and to also show her how incredible (and tickley) these bugs can be!

Millie was basically fixated on them all day. She is so excited to get to watch them grow throughout the next few weeks & take care of them. She even promised to hold them & “be really brave like Moana!”

Putting the Lady Bug Larva in their new habitat.

Taking the caterpillars outside to show them her playground.


The many faces of Millie Bug – She’s loving the stickers that come with the Butterfly Garden Set & Lady Bug Land Set. She also discovered how to go cross-eyed…. she can’t stop!

Here’s a silly video of Millie’s fun personality:



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