Our Family Christmas Card & Infographic | Brugman’s 2014

We sent our Brugman Family Christmas Card & Infographic out in January…. Better late than never right?

We only sent it to our immediate family because we have no money ;).

Yeah and now I’m finally getting around to blogging it. Red works for the month of Valentine’s too right?

Here is last years 2013 card and infographic if you’re interested.

Brugman Family Christmas Card


My snow boots : Ugg Australia – 1 & 2 |  Jaycob’s winter boots: Sorel – 1 & 2  |  Millie’s Booties: Sorels for Kids – 1 & 2  |  Wooden Sled: Flexible Flyer

We took these pictures when we were up at my parents condo in Deer Valley over the week of Christmas. It was literally 7 degrees with wind on top of that! Millie is such a trooper!

I am completely obsessed with anything Gold Foil-Pressed so I was glad that we were able to have that option through Minted. Continue through the post to see more that Minted has to offer. (This is not a Minted sponsored post – I am just dying over their style & fun items!).

Thank you so much to my wonderful sister Nicole for taking these for us!

I made our holiday card through Minted. I used them for our card last year too & love their Holiday Card Collection!


Oh by the way — Minted addresses the envelopes FREE! You get to pick designs that work well with your card design. Best thing ever!!


Brugman Family Infographic 2014

I designed this Infographic to illustrate our year in 2014 – it was crazy but a good one!






I just found on Minted.com, that they have some amazing fabric patterns!
Some of my favorites:


They have some great New Foil-Pressed Business Card Collection.
Here are some of my favorites from the collection:


Minted‘s Kid & Baby Room Art Collection is also to die for – I can’t wait to decorate Millie future room with some of these! There are tons, so keep scrolling if you’d like:


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